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by Lila Schwenk

Fumbling quickly to wrap
up in her hand-me-down coat
her heart swells with
excitement and pride.
Gotta keep up

Big brother takes her
sledding with his friends.
Her short legs step high and wide
conquering the deep crusted snow.
Gotta keep up

Cold wind cuts at her face
but she doesn’t complain.
With foot and hand her brother
divides the barbed wire fence.
Gotta keep up

She pulls her stocking cap tight.
Crisp air pushes into her lungs
making ready for the
journey downward.
Gotta keep up

Prepared to go alone,
she mounts her tiny sled.
One motion from brother’s arm
invites her to go with him.
Gonna keep up

Her hands grip his coat tightly.
She screams with delight,
over the bumps. They beat
the others to the bottom.
I did keep up!
I did keep up!

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