Penalties of the Truth

LarryA powerful story you will not soon forget! 

After many years of work, correspondence and determination, Lila has completed her book about a brothers’ tumultuous life. Although never living in the same state, they worked together on this project with tape recordings (yes, they still exist) he made from his home in Arizona and that she transcribed once received. (Lila’s many years as an executive assistant proved helpful). He traveled to Wisconsin to work with her and she traveled to Arizona.

The book, Penalties of the Truth, was traditionally published by eLectio Publishing on January 10, 2017. The main character, Larry, was a naïve, soft-hearted 10-year-old when he found his father with another woman.

Because he told the truth to his mother about the incident, his dad made Larry’s life miserable, to the point Larry attempted suicide at eighteen. He willingly committed himself to a mental institution where his self-worth was mended, but far from healed. Two failed marriages plunged Larry into alcoholism, eventually forcing him to live on the streets. He marries four additional times, never finding the family life he so desired. Finally, a prison term gave Larry an awakening he never imagined.

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